Why Is My Budgie Screeching? {8 Ways To Control It}

Is your budgie screeching too often? What is causing it and how can it be stopped? In this article, we’ll discuss why your budgie continues to screech despite all your efforts.

Why Is My Budgie Screeching? Budgies may display emotions of fear, excitement, boredom or jealousy through screeching noises. The screeching can be dealt with by covering the cage with a blanket, changing the environment or reworking your budgie’s sleep schedule.  

Do Budgies Screech In The Wild?

Imagine the Australian outback with flocks of budgies in the wild looking for water. Suddenly, loud screeches echo through the sky to notify each of them that a water source has been discovered.

Do you have water in your budgie’s cage? Most of us do. Such a simple thing could cause their centuries old instincts to screech out loud like their counterparts in the wild.

The following reasons cause budgies to screech in the wild:

  • Discovery of water
  • Sundown call to get back home
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Playfulness
  • Excitement

Unfortunately most of these instincts carry over to pet budgies who continue to uphold traditions or simply can’t help themselves. Thankfully, there are useful methods to thwart the screeching.

How Can I Stop My Budgie From Screeching?

The following tips have been recommended by many of our fellow friends in the budgie community:

  • Make a sudden noise.
  • Cover the cage.
  • Praise your budgie during quiet times.
  • Reduce surrounding noises.
  • Add more budgies.
  • Move the cage.
  • Be vocal.
  • Use supplements.

Make A Sudden Noise

  • Crumple some paper.
  • Whistle.
  • Use a clicker.

There are multiple ways to make a little noise that alerts your or interrupts your budgie during a screeching session. He or she will look up and lose the train of thought that led to the screeching. The distraction gives you time to make further adjustments.

Cover the Cage

Use a blanket, T-shirt or towel to cover the cage. This is a tip that is often given for budgies in stress or in worse occasions where they are ill or having a stroke. A trip to the vet is not necessary for constant screeching. Patiently and calmly cover the cage for a much need time-out.

Praise Your Quiet Budgie

Positive reinforcement is preached in the pet world. Instead of getting angry during the screeching moments that could end up turning into shouting matches between the two of you, wait for the good moments where things are calm.

Praise your budgie vocally, physically or with a treat when they are quiet and calm. This will help turn the best moments into repetitive actions that we do to show our budgies that they get rewarded or loved the most when they are being their best selves.

Add More Budgies

Sometimes a screeching budgie is just lonely without you always giving them attention. They may need a friend or budgie companion.

A calmer budgie will help to serve as a positive example to a rattled or screeching budgie. Sometimes the opposite occurs where you have two screeching budgies. Be warned.

Move The Cage

If possible, move the cage to a quieter or calmer location. If the cage is next to speakers or the TV, the noise turns into a battle of who or what can be louder. If the noise outside the window is causing more screeches, then your budgie might need to be moved.

This is also a good time to train your budgie to enjoy life outside of the cage. It will take time, but the screeching gives you the added motivation to make some healthy changes for both of you.

Be Vocal

Talk more often to your budgie. Sometimes the one sided screeching gets worse when there is no response.

Tell your budgie that you will return in a second instead of just leaving unannounced with no sign of your return. Keep your budgie in the loop and show him or her how you use the correct volume to communicate.


There are products on the market that are sold on shelves at pet stores. Sometimes an avian vet will intervene with a similar suggestion or medication if this screeching becomes incessant.

Avicalm is one such product that we haven’t reviewed and cannot endorse. Look for supplements to be your last resort when all else fails.

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What Makes Budgies Screech?

We can mention the emotions of fear, excitement, jealousy and boredom as possible reasons for the screeching noises coming out of your budgies or we can discuss some situations like the ones below:

  • The TV is loud.
  • You’re walking around.
  • You or another person/animal is eating.
  • New toys are added.
  • New budgies are introduced.
  • There are changes to the cage.

The solution for you to freeze and not do anything isn’t plausible. It’s downright foolish. Life must go one and this budgie will have to learn to adapt to it.

Positive reinforcement, communication, covering the cage for much needed breaks and changing the sleep schedule may help.

Is My Budgie Jealous?

Your budgie has eyes on your food. They might notice another pet in the house getting attention. A guest arrives and you are interested in this visitor more than your budgie. Budgies get jealous. They also learn to copy certain sounds and behaviours.

Keep calm and carry on. Maybe your budgie is giving you a chance to create a more relaxing atmosphere with calmer lighting, lower volumes, redecorating or relocating items around the house.

Ignoring you budgie may work sometimes, but better communication and positive reinforcement works better.


Budgies screech. Your budgie is normal, but also emotional. Calming their fears, anxiety, excitement with a few changes in the environment may help.

Adding another budgie, changing their sleep schedule or diet slightly may also work. A timeout works sometimes by covering the cage or training your budgie to enjoy life outside of it may also work for both of you in the long run.


Your community of budgie lovers and avian vets are always here for you. Thanks for visiting BudgieRealm.com and see you again soon!