Why Is My Budgie Panting So Much? {Should We Go To The Vet?}

Are you noticing your budgie panting frequently? At which point do we stop what we’re doing and rush our budgie to the vet? In this article, we’ll discuss why your budgie is panting so much.

Why Is My Budgie Panting So Much? Stress, Fear, Overheating and Illness could be the reasons why your budgie is panting often. It’s normal in short periods following activity, but constant panting needs intervention with temperature control or calming strategies for your budgie. 

What Does It Look Like When My Budgie Is Panting?

Budgies that begin to pant may show the following physical indicators:

  • heavy breathing
  • tail bobbing
  • partially open beak
  • strained noises

If this is temporary, this it’s quite normal. Panting helps to relax your budgie after strenuous activity or to relieve overheating. This may occur in warmer conditions and we can assist by cooling them off with a misty spray baths or cooler temperatures.

What Causes Panting In Budgies?

Something may have fallen. Someone could be moving too fast. The loud sounds from outside or the TV are discomforting.

Your budgie might be scared or stressed from these triggers. The stress could also lead to immune system deficiencies, making it easier for their sensitive lungs to become infected with pneumonia.

Sudden changes in temperature or a sudden cold gust of air could cause panting. Usually it’s the humidity or warmer weather mixed with exercise or activity that makes your budgie pant heavily. Finally, an overweight budgie may pant more frequently.

Here are some reasons why your budgie is panting:

  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Loud Noises
  • Illness
  • Cold Air
  • Overheating
  • Exercise
  • Overweight

Why Does My Budgie Breath Fast?

  1. What if you placed new birds in the same cage and your budgie feels insecure about it?
  2. What if you removed some perches or favourite toys?
  3. How about if you introduced your budgie to a new cage or moved the location of it?

All three of these scenarios could make your budgie feel worrisome, stress, fear or anxiety. A budgie could be breathing fast out of tension or nervousness.

In this state, your budgie may not just be panting temporarily to relieve itself from overheating after exercise or due to the temperature. This panting could turn chronic if the surrounding environment doesn’t change.

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Can Budgies Overheat?

Absolutely. A budgie can overheat if the cage is under direct sunlight or the temperature has turned humid and muggy. Shade and cooling off periods will help your budgie stop panting.

If part of the cage has shade and the other side is sunny, then you give your budgie the choice to decide what he or she needs. The space must be ventilated. Use a fan or air conditioner as much as possible on those humid summer days.

The opposite is also true on the coldest days where the oxygen in the air gets thin. Your budgie will struggle to breathe comfortably and it’s up to you to provide a lamp, heating or any source of warmth during this time.

How Can I Tell If My Budgie Is Hot?

A budgie will show you some warning signs that it is too hot in this current setting. Look for these indicators:

  • Panting heavily
  • Open mouth
  • Wings stretched out or away from body
  • Mood changes
  • Ruffled feathers

Many birds open their mouths when it’s too hot. The heat releases through their mouths, but panting helps this process. The wings could feel hot and keeping them away from the body could help with ventilation.

Unfortunately, your budgie might get irritable during this time. You may hear strained noises or notice your budgie becoming restless or stressed. Ruffling of the feathers helps them to alleviate the stress and promote more air flow as well.

Why Is My Budgie’s Tail Bobbing?

Your budgie or parakeet likes to bob its tail to contract its muscles. This is not meant to be a workout, rather a technique to get some more air when they are out of breath.

Panting and bobbing the tail work together to open and contract muscles to help bring in much needed air. You will also notice your little companion opening his or her mouth more often during this time.

It’s quite common and should be temporary if the weather is not too hot or cold and all other conditions in the surrounding environment are mellow and comfortable.

How Do I Cool Down A Budgie?

You can help your budgie cool off or cool down in the following ways:

  • Fans
  • A/C
  • Shade
  • Mist or Spray
  • Bath time
  • Relax

Fans and air conditioners are key to regulating the room’s temperature when the weather is stifling hot. The cage should have plenty of shady areas or else it’s time to move the location out of direct sunlight.

Spray or provide the mist of cool water that isn’t freezing cold. We don’t want to shock our budgies. Slightly cool water will help. Otherwise, it’s time for a full bath. Budgies should enjoy this during the warmest days of summer.

It’s best to refrain from too much exercise, flying time or playful activities. It’s time for us to rest and stay cool with our companions during these days to not wear out these incredible birds.


It’s natural to be concerned about a budgie who is panting so much. Hopefully the temperature restores itself to regular days where the balance of activity and rest is optimal.

Your budgie’s health is important and its best to manage their weight to make sure the extra fat doesn’t make it harder to breathe. If this panting doesn’t stop and all the suggestions above do not work, then it’s time to visit the avian vet.


Thank you for visiting BudgieRealm.com and we hope your budgie continues to enjoy life with you at home. Come back soon for another article about your favourite little companion.