Why Can’t My Budgie Fly Anymore? {6 Warning Signs}

Are you saddened to see that your budgie is not flying anymore? What happened and how can you help? In this article, we’ll discuss why your budgie is not flying.

Why Can’t My Budgie Fly Anymore? A broken or clipped wing needs time to heal. Tumors in the abdomen area, arthritis, an undiagnosed illness or even depression can lead budgies to stop flying.

Why Can’t My Budgie Fly?

An injury or illness may have caused your budgie to stop flying. A vet can diagnose the issue and will hopefully provide the necessary recommendations or medical intervention to help resolve this. Look for:

  1. Injuries
  2. Illness
  3. Arthritis
  4. Depression
  5. Lonely
  6. Eyesight problems

Observe for possible swelling, redness or wounds. See if your budgie is eating as usual. Gently touch the areas around the wings or body to see if your budgie feels pain when you do so.

A depressed budgie may end up bored or lonely and give up the desire to fly. Some budgies have poor eyesight, especially in low-lit environments. This may lead them to hesitate from flying.

How Can I Tell I My Budgie Is Not Flying Well?

Look for the following signs that indicate a problem with flight in your budgie:

  • Strange angles of flight
  • Can’t stay in the air long
  • Can’t take off
  • Bumps into objects
  • Refuses altogether

Why Did My Budgie Suddenly Stop Flying?

If your budgie was flying well and all of a sudden decided to stop altogether, then look around the room or surrounding environments. Check for the following:

  • Loud noise
  • Flash of light
  • A TV turned on
  • Honking horns 
  • A beeping sound
  • Barking dog
  • Music
  • Phone ringing

Your budgie may get easily startled. This could become more of a sensitive issue with age. Eliminate outside noises or lights for a moment to determine if they are making your budgie scared or stressed.

After a while, if your budgie still refuses to fly, there might be larger issues going on indicating emotional or physical harm.

Is My Budgie Injured?

Look for any sores, wounds or abrasions. Something may have happened when you were not around. Maybe your budgie fell of its perch during the night. Maybe it bumped into something.

Sometimes we acquire our budgies after they have already been injured. Look for scar tissue or deformities. You may also need a new set-up with a different cage or perch to allow for more comfort and space to fly.

Is My Budgie Too Old To Fly?

Some budgies can live over a decade or longer with optimal nutrition, enrichment and activity. Most of the time they fall just shy of a decade or around 5+ years you may notice a decline.

Arthritis may have settled in causing pain and discomfort. This may lead to your budgie’s refusal to fly. Your budgie’s immune system and metabolism will slow down to a point where it’s easier to get sick or injured.

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How Do I Know If My Budgie Is Sick?

Your budgie might be too weak to fly. Look for the following signs that may show you something worse that could indicate illness:

  • lethargy
  • lack appetite
  • dark green or stringy poop
  • discharge from eyes
  • sores or wounds

At this time, it’s best to address the illness and not the lack of flying. Medication or a change in diet might be needed to restore your budgie’s health.

Is My Budgie Depressed?

Budgies display their feelings to us in ways that help us feel a connection to them as our companions. Sometimes they reject our attention and show signs of boredom or disinterest. Here are some signs that your budge might be depressed:

  • lack of activity
  • refusal to fly
  • nothing to do
  • lonely

A cage should be large enough to fly in if your budgie stays in there most of the day. It could contain toys and multiple perches. A companion budgie may help restore the mood of your depressed budgie as well.

Why Is My Budgie Flying In Place?

Is your budgie flapping its wings, but not going anywhere? This may not be a reason to be concerned. Your budgie could simply be stretching out by flapping its wings in place.

The blood flows through its body while he or she flaps without the need or desire to fly. They also like to flap like this when they feel moisture or wetness from anything.

Even if there wasn’t any spray of water or splash of fruity mist, they may pretend to feel it and flap their wings the same way they would when they are taking a bath.

Why Does My Budgie Fly At Me?

Budgies are funny sometimes. Other times, they are flying at you for a serviceable reason. They want to engage with you and some of the possible reasons are listed below:

  • To perch on your shoulder or arm
  • To steal your hair for its nest
  • To play with you for exercise
  • To warn you to keep away

Sometimes its a positive sign to rest on you or play with you. Other times it’s a sign of protecting territory or using you to help build one.

Why Are My Parakeets Not Flying?

Your parakeets or budgies may have had its wings clipped. New feathers will grow out of the stubs. If you try to pull out the stub, the new feathers may grow out faster, but you are hurting your budgie.

It will take a few weeks for the stubbed wings to grow more feathers. Let them molt on their own and they will fly more comfortably soon.

What Age Can A Budgie Fly?

A budgie or parakeet will be able to mature after it has grown all its feathers. This could take 4-5 weeks. At this point your budgie is ready to fly.

You may notice your budgie acting unbalanced or clumsy as first. Try not to push it for the first few days when they begin attempting flights. Make sure the space isn’t too close to glass windows because they may fly into it and hurt themselves.


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