When To Remove Unhatched Budgie Eggs? {Will They Get Eaten?}

Do you see unhatched eggs and wish to remove them? Will the female budgie allow it or become stressed? In this article, we’ll find out the best time to remove unhatched budgie eggs.

When Do You Remove Unhatched Budgie Eggs? The female budgie will usually brood until all of her eggs are hatched. They should hatch within 18 days. Remove unhatched eggs after 23-26 days when it’s common for the female to lose interest over them. 

Should I Remove Infertile Budgie Eggs?

Make sure any budgie eggs are infertile or unviable before you remove them. Wait at least 3 weeks if not longer because the female budgie will continue to brood the incubated egg.

She may lose interest once all the other eggs have hatched. You should remove unhatched budgie eggs. At this point, you’ll allow your budgie to resume her normal routines to make sure her health and activity levels are optimal.

How Can I Tell If The My Budgie’s Are Infertile?

The following reasons are giveaways to indicate that the eggs your budgie has laid are infertile:

  • She’s a single budgie.
  • She hasn’t become compatible or bonded with a male budgie.
  • Hold a candle next to the eggs.
  • See if they float.

Single or Unbonded Budgie

If there is only one budgie in the cage, it’s easy to say that the eggs are not fertilized by a male budgie. If she has not become compatible with a male budgie in the cage, chances are that he won’t go near the eggs.


You can use a torch or candle here to inspect the egg. Wait 14 days into incubation to see if the egg is developing inside. You may notice blood vessels.

If you only see a clear egg or some yellow yolk, this egg is infertile. A black egg inside means that it is rotting and didn’t make it through the development stage.

Float it

If the egg floats, it’s infertile. The embryo is dense and heavy. It won’t float. This is a simple test if you can gently remove the egg from the cage. Remember to wash your hands and use clean, lukewarm water. This test should only last a couple of seconds.

When Should I Remove Infertile Budgie Eggs?

Wait for the female budgie to be off the nest. If she has laid her eggs, she will most likely brood for 2 weeks to 18 days. They should all hatch by then. She may remain persistent up to 23-25 days. At this point, it’s safe to remove the unhatched eggs.

If you already know that the eggs are infertile from the start because she’s single or there is no male around to mate with her, then wait 48 hours. Find the right time when she is off the nest and replace the eggs with beads or plastic eggs that are sold in bird shops.

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Can You Take Away Budgie Eggs?

Yes. Wait for the female budgie to lose some interest after the brooding period ends. This can take 18-25 days.

A female budgie could continue laying eggs if you don’t wait for this period to end. Replacing the eggs with plastic or wooden eggs will help her continue this process without laying more eggs.

How Do You Take Care Of Budgie Eggs?

The nest could be made of a box and straws or anything you see fit. You can even purchase one from a shop if you wish. The temperature should remain humid and warm at all times.

The female budgie and her eggs must remain stationary without much movement. She should have her food and water nearby to remain comfortable.

  • Keep a nest in the cage.
  • Make sure the nesting box is around 65-75°F.
  • Keep the area humid.
  • Allow the female budgie to sit on them.
  • Keep her comfortable.

Why Are Budgie Eggs Not Hatching?

The following reasons explain why your budgie’s eggs won’t hatch:

  • Unfertilized Eggs
  • Insufficient Incubation
  • Damaged Eggs

Unfertilized Eggs

The eggs need a male to fertilize them. She will lay her eggs regardless, but they won’t hatch.

Insufficient Incubation

If the female budgie gives up too soon out of stress, overcrowding or cool temperatures, the eggs will not hatch.

Damaged Egg

A female may accidently harm her own eggs. She may kick them. Sometimes the shells are too thin. Other times they may not have formed properly.

Maybe the accident was caused by someone being too aggressive during cleaning. Damaging the eggs on purpose is common for people who don’t wish to breed more budgies.

What Happens To Unhatched Bird Eggs?

If you don’t remove unhatched eggs from the cage or nest, the female budgie may get stressed. She can become depressed or remain near the eggs while ignoring her own health and needs.

This is a time for the female to recover after a long brooding period. She needs to restore her energy and move on.

You don’t want to eggs to rot or insects to arrive to clean up the mess the eggs leave behind when they open. A female shouldn’t develop a taste for the yolk or else she might want to lay eggs and eat them.

Unhatched eggs may cause problems such as:

  • making a mess in your cage
  • rotting
  • attracting insects
  • cannibalism
  • stress

How Can I Help My Budgie During Brooding?

Make sure your budgie is getting enough nutrition. She will need more calcium at this point. Fruits and vegetables should be offered more frequently during this time.

Keep the lighting period at 12 hour intervals. Allow for 12 hours of darkness for her to rest. Clean the cage more often to not contaminate the eggs. Make sure the nest is well made or assist by providing more straw or wood chips.


After about 23-26 days, it’s best to remove any unhatched eggs. You don’t want to deal with a mess of rotten eggs attracting insects or stressing out the female budgie.

You definitely don’t want any budgies to try and eat the mess and develop a taste for this yolk. Remove the eggs one at a time to avoid stressing out a weakened female budgie further during this time.


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