What Time Should A Budgie Go To Sleep? {How Many Hours?}

Are you trying to make sure your budgie gets enough rest? What happens if a budgie doesn’t sleep at the right time? In this article, we’ll look into what time to put these budgies to bed.

What Time Should A Budgie Go To Sleep? Budgies like to follow a sleep cycle in relation to the sun. If sundown is at 6-7pm, then it’s time to settle in and sleep. The sleep schedule should last about 12 hours. 

Do Budgies Sleep During The Day?

Budgies can take naps during the day. This can depend a multiple factors such as:

  • Exhaustion
  • Poor sleep schedule
  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Too much light at night

A playful, social or tired budgie will find time to take naps throughout the day to regain its strength. Poor sleeping habits at night can lead a budgie to become ill if they don’t find more time during the day to make up for the lost hours of rest at night.

An injured budgie will try to sleep it off to promote faster recovery. If you haven’t provided a cover on the cage or a dark place for your budgies to rest at night, they may not get the 12 hours of rest they crave. At this point, you will notice your budgie taking more naps throughout the day.

Is My Budgie Sleeping Too Much?

Are you seeing your budgie sleeping for periods longer than 45 minutes during the day? Have you given your budgie 12 hours at night to rest? If you still see your budgie sleeping despite this, then it might a symptom of something deeper. Possible signs are as follows:

  • Depression
  • Nutritional imbalance
  • Weakened immune system

Look to see if your budgie’s dropping are consistent and not runny. Make sure the temperature is set between 70-75°F. Does your budgie look lethargic or sluggish? Is there a loss in appetite? These symptoms help you understand that something is wrong and a visit to the vet might be necessary.

How Much Sleep Do Budgies Need?

A budgie should sleep for 10-12 hours a night. The sun or artificial light isn’t present anymore and your budgies start getting ready for sleep. It could take up to an hour after sundown for them to fully knock out and rest deeply.

If they do not get the sleep they need at night, they will take more 30-45 minute naps throughout the day. An ill or injured budgie could sleep much longer to recover.

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What Is The Best Time For Budgies To Sleep?

The seasons allow for longer periods of daylight. Your budgies will sleep later in the long days of summer and earlier in the winter. 6-7pm is the average time when budgies wish to slumber for up to 12 hours.

The sun’s cycle is the natural way for most animals to sleep. Your budgie may stir a bit, but will be happy to rest at this time in a dark or dimly lit room until the morning when the sun rises.

Can Budgies Sleep With The Lights On?

It’s best to cover the cage if you can’t turn off the lights just yet. It might be too early for you, but your budgie wants to rest once the sun goes down. Artificially lit rooms that are bright will alter your budgie’s sleep schedule and cause immune system problems.

You may also notice a tired budgie displaying changes in behaviour from erratic to lethargic. Females may lay eggs at strange times out of season. The eggs deplete her nutrients if she isn’t ready to lay them at the right time. It’s best to keep the lights off or cover the space.

How Do Budgies Sleep?

Budgies sleep in multiple postures. They may:

  • hold onto a perch with both feet
  • raise one foot
  • turn their heads
  • droop down
  • draw feet to chest
  • tuck heads in wings
  • heads upright
  • breeding pair nestles together

There’s no need to interfere with your budgie’s sleeping positions. Budgies in the wild tend to look for the highest branch to sleep for additional safety. It’s best to provide them with plenty of options and perches.

Can Budgies Sleep With Noise?

Budgies can get noisy with their clicking and chirping sounds. We get used to it. We also make noises that our budgies will get used to as well. As long as their aren’t sudden startling noises, your budgies will be able to sleep through your conversations or TV shows.

At first, a new budgie will appear stressed and needs time to adjust. They must trust these noises to pose no threat to them. Once they get used to these sounds, they should be able to sleep through them.


Put your budgies to sleep when the sun goes down or as early as 6pm. This sleeping period will take up to 12 hours. Your budgies may not get the full rest they deserve through the night and may take multiple 30-45 minute naps throughout the day.

A weakened, ill or injured budgie will sleep longer. Turn off the light or cover the cage and reduce outside volumes for your budgie to rest comfortably.


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