How Much Do Budgies Poop? {How Much Is Too Much?}

Are you interested in knowing more about how budgies poop? Are they supposed to poop all day and night? In this article, we’ll discuss the topic of budgie droppings and how often they poop.

How Much Do Budgies Poop? All the time! Did you know budgies poop in their sleep? Expect anywhere from 30-50 droppings a day every 5-20 minutes. 

What Should Budgie Poop Look Like?

A white chalky material in bird feces is called urate. It’s common to see this as the main part of a budgie’s dropping because it allows them to hold onto water. Regular stool is also part of the droppings with some urine as well.

  • The stool is green or brown.
  • The urate is white.
  • The urine is clear. 

Observe your budgie’s droppings to help monitor their health. If you these two signs below, consider a change in diet first and consult an avian vet if there is no improvement in the next 24 hours.

  1. The color should not be dark green or black.
  2. The liquidity should not be runny. 

How Often Do Budgies Poop?

The amount of feces that is dropped is going to vary from one budgie to another. The frequency depends on their routines and diet. Many people used to leave bottomless amounts of seeds and millet for budgies to eat all day long before we realized this is unhealthy for them.

Could you imagine the amount of poop that would have resulted? If you’re sticking with 2 tablespoons of pellets a day along with occasional fruits and vegetables, your budgie should be dropping about 30-50 times a day.

It could happen every 5-20 minutes depending on the time of the day. A budgie can and will poop at night while sleeping. You can even teach a budgie to poop on command. No kidding.

What Should Budgie Poop Smell Like?

This is not a question that we dare to answer precisely. We can only say that a healthy budgie should not have droppings with a terribly pungent odor. It should be barely noticeable, if not odorless.

If you smell it, there could be something off. Did your budgie try a new fruit or vegetable yesterday? Were any meats offered that aren’t normally on the menu? Your budgie’s poop helps us monitor their health. No smell is the goal.

Why Is My Budgie’s Poop Different?

Are you noticing any of the following?

  • Dark or black droppings
  • Strange colours
  • Watery
  • Stinks

Dark or Black

Too many black droppings indicate a seed heavy diet or a digestive issue that must be dealt with accordingly. A change in diet or a visit to the vet may need to happen.

Strange Colours

Do you see purples or blue? Did your budgie try blueberries? Depending on the colours of the fresh fruits and vegetables, your budgie’s dropping may show some odd colours that shouldn’t be of concern. The droppings won’t stay that way.


Runny feces could indicate a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, too much water or digestive problems. Add more pellets instead of fresh food and see if this improves in 24 hours.


You shouldn’t be smelling it. Neither the action or the odor in the air should happen. It should be odorless. If not, there could be something wrong. Bring the diet back to 80% pellets and see if this improves to the point where you don’t smell anything.

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How Big Should My Budgie’s Poop Be?

The size depends on the budgie. On average, US parakeets are smaller than UK budgies. Expect differences between them. Over the course of the day, the size should not vary for your individual bird.

If you notice a change in size consider the following:

  • Too small = Not enough food or digestion issues
  • Too large = Illness or another abnormality 

Consult with an avian vet if the consistency and frequency is noticeably different over the course of 24-48 hours and not improving.

What Do Different Budgie Poop Colours Mean?

The following list cannot substitute the professional diagnosis or opinions of a qualified medical professional in avian veterinary practices. They serve as a guide only:

  • Green: healthy
  • Bright green: Liver issues or malnourished
  • Gray: Pancreatic issues are possible
  • Red: Intestinal issues with blood in the stool
  • Yellow: High uric acid content
  • White: High in urates, but still healthy
  • Black: Too many seeds or proteins


Make sure to feed your budgie at set times or limit the amount of varied foods to keeps things consistent. A budgie will poop all day and night every 5-20 minutes. This is normal. Being able to monitor their health by observing their droppings is a key tool for us as caregivers and companions.

The frequency, size and color are all helpful indicators to inform us that we’re feeding our budgies right. This way we avoid too many costly trips to the vet because our budgies are showing us that all is well.


Thank you for caring so much about budgies. We at are happy to provide helpful content with suggestion and tips from experienced members in this community of budgie enthusiasts. See you again soon!