Do Budgies Like Music? {If Yes What Kind}

Have you just put on some music and you have noticed your budgie seems to like it?

Do Budgies like music? Or is something else causing them to be cheerful when you put music on?

Find out below

Do Budgies Like Music?

Yes, Many budgie owners have reported that their birds seem to enjoy listening to music, and some even start to dance or sing along.

However, it’s important to note that not all budgies will like the same type of music. Just like people, birds can have individual preferences. Some budgies may prefer classical music, while others may like pop, rock, or even heavy metal.

If you have a budgie, you can try playing different types of music to see if your bird responds positively. You may notice your budgie chirping, swaying, or even bobbing its head in time with the music if it enjoys it.

Do Budgies Like Music

It’s worth noting that loud or jarring music can be stressful for birds and should be avoided. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the volume is not too loud, as budgies have sensitive hearing.

Do Budgies Recognize Music

While it’s unclear whether budgies can actually recognize music in the way humans do, they can certainly learn to associate certain sounds with specific events.

For example, if you always play music when it’s time for your budgie to eat, your bird may start to associate the music with mealtime.

Additionally, budgies have excellent hearing and can pick up on different sounds and tones. They may recognize a certain melody or beat and start to react to it, either by chirping or dancing.

Does Music Keep Them Entertained

Yes, music can keep budgies entertained and engaged. Budgies are social and active birds that enjoy interacting with their environment.

Music can provide a stimulating and enriching experience for budgies by providing them with auditory stimulation.

However, it’s important to note that not all types of music may be suitable for budgies. Loud, fast-paced or overly complex music may be stressful for budgies and could even lead to health problems. Soft, soothing music or nature sounds such as bird songs can be a better choice.

It’s also important to ensure that the volume of the music is not too loud, and that the budgies have access to a quiet area where they can rest if they want to.

Additionally, providing other forms of enrichment, such as toys and social interaction with their owners, is also important for the overall well-being of budgies.

If you take a look on youtube there are many videos that you can play to your budgie to keep them entertained, Below is an 11 hour plus video I recommend you to check out.

YouTube video

What Music Is Best To Play To A Budgie

Budgies are known to enjoy music with a lively and upbeat tempo, as well as songs with a lot of high-pitched notes.

Some examples of music that might be enjoyable for budgies include classical music, particularly pieces with flutes and other high-pitched instruments, as well as pop music with a fast tempo and high-pitched vocals.

However, it’s important to note that each budgie is unique and may have different preferences when it comes to music.

You can experiment with different styles and see which ones your budgie seems to enjoy the most. Additionally, it’s important to keep the volume low and not to play music constantly, as budgies also need periods of quiet and rest.

Can Music Be Used To Calm A Budgie

Yes, music can be used to calm a budgie. Budgies are very sensitive to sounds and music can have a soothing effect on them. In fact, some bird owners play soft, calming music for their birds to help them relax and feel more comfortable.

Music is a good option to drown out stressful sounds such as thunder or noise from other pets.

When selecting music to play for your budgie, it is important to choose music that is gentle and calming. Avoid playing music that is too loud or has a lot of bass, as this can be stressful for your bird.

Classical music, such as piano or violin pieces, can be a good choice as it is generally calming and relaxing. Additionally, nature sounds, such as gentle rain or waves on the beach, can also have a soothing effect on birds.

It’s important to note that while music can help calm a budgie, it should not be used as a substitute for proper care and attention. Regular interaction with your bird, including plenty of playtime and attention, is essential for their overall well-being.