Do Budgie Clipped Wings Grow Back? {Is It OK To Clip Them?}

Are you looking into clipping your budgie’s wings? Is this cruel or considered normal for their safety in our homes? In this article, we’ll discuss if a budgie’s clipped wings grow back.

Do Budgie Clipped Wings Grow Back? Once you clip the feathers, new ones will eventually replace them during the next molting process. This is when new feathers are formed. The actual feathers you clip won’t grow back. Look for the clipped feathers to be shed once the new feathers take their place. 

Should I Get My Budgie’s Wings Clipped?

A budgie with clipped wings will:

  • Fly lower
  • Fly less frequently
  • Flutter close to the ground
  • Not escape through open windows or doors
  • Not hit ceiling fans

We’re interested in the long-term safety of our companions and wish for them to remain cared for in our homes. Clipping wings are not necessary, but the act is debated among members of our community.

The downside to clipping their wings is that your budgie might:

  • feel depressed for a short time
  • have difficulty mating without long feathers to show off
  • be less playful
  • exercise less often

The choice is always yours to make. Please proceed with care and caution.

Why Should I Clip My Budgie’s Wings?

Remember that we are trimming the flight feathers only. The idea of clipping their wings entirely sounds horrible. The act is done for safety. The following reasons support why clipping a budgie’s wings is safer, healthier and better overall for a budgie in your home.

Your budgie may:

  • not escape easily
  • not bump into walls or objects
  • depend on you more
  • bond with you out of need
  • not feel any pain

Please be careful not to make contact with a blood vessel connected to their wings. If you trim from the top, your budgie will not feel it. The new feathers will grow back in the next molt. This is a temporary move that isn’t permanent like removing claws off cats.

Can Budgies Fly With Clipped Wings?

A budgie can still enjoy short flights and be able to save itself from hitting the floor or hard surfaces with their clipped wings. The flight time cannot be sustained for long periods, but this survival tool isn’t completely hindered.

A budgie with clipped wings could:

  • become unbalanced
  • unable to sustain a long flight
  • not reach tall heights
  • flutter
  • catch itself
  • grow new wings

Tip: Consider clipping only one side of their wings. This makes it harder for your budgie to correctly steer itself with balance towards any open window or door. Escaping will be difficult and you can allow your budgie to enjoy more time outside of the cage with you.

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How Do Clipped Wings Keep My Budgie Safe?

Clipping the wings helps keep your budgie at home with you. Imagine this magnificent bird making its way outdoors only to be hit, chased or attacked by vehicles and potential predators.

The following reasons show how clipping a budgie’s wings promotes safety:

  • lessened risk of flying into objects 
  • prevents dehydration or starvation
  • keeps it away from hot/cold outdoor climates 
  • reduces their curious urge to fly away

Can Budgies Breed With Clipped Wings?

Male budgies use their wings to show their appeal to female budgies. They also wrap these wings around the female during mating periods. If you are very interested in breeding budgies, you may wish to reconsider clipping their wings.

Mating will become more challenging, but almost any budgie can improve with practice. If your male budgie gives up, he may end up depressed and could stop eating or exercising. An obese budgie that is lethargic will surely end up weakened or susceptible to illness.

How Do I Clip My Budgie’s Wings?

A parakeet or budgie has wings for flight that aren’t going to be necessary in your home. Make sure to not clip too much or too deep or else you may end up cutting a blood vessel that will cause bleeding. We do not wish to shock or scare these sensitive birds.

Consider the following:

  • Watch how-to videos
  • Go to the vet 
  • Ask a pet or bird shop for their grooming service
  • Set a budget for it

The cost will be low and the process will be quick. You can observe it first-hand instead of simply watching it on your screen. It will help you learn and become more confident to try it next time without a vet or groomer.

How Often Do I Clip My Budgie’s Wings?

Wings do not need to get clipped. You make the choice when your first fear is that your budgie might fly into something and get hurt or fly away. If you have closely bonded with your budgie, you may decide to stop clipping their wings.

It’s recommended to clip a budgie’s wings

  • every 6-10 weeks
  • 1-3 months following a molt

With each molt, you will notice new wings growing back. Until then, keep the perches within jumping or climbing distance and don’t expect your budgie to do as much as before. Assist your budgie in and out of the cage. Use this time to bond and build trust as your budgie’s caregiver and close companion.

Do Budgies Get Sad When Their Wings Are Clipped?

A budgie may feel a sudden shock or fear, but this should wear off when they realize that no pain or damage was caused. It’s best to learn how to restrain your budgie to make sure the process is done quickly and painlessly. Use a towel to wrap your budgie for added security. Be gentle and soothing. Praise your budgie.

Depression or sadness may last for a few days or even a couple of weeks after their wings get clipped. It’s best to provide enough distractions with toys, playful interaction and close bonding sessions where your budgie perches on you for longer periods of time.


Your budgie will be able to continue molting through a cycle where old feathers are replaced by new ones. You can clip a budgie’s wings if you wish to help keep it safe from flying into harm’s way. The choice is yours, but it isn’t a permanent one. Keep an eye out for those new wings that grow out with each molting cycle.


Thanks for visiting and we wish you the best of luck in your decisions and daily routines with your budgie. See you again soon!