Can You Take A Budgie Outside? {7 Possible Risks Explained}

Is It safe to bring budgies outside? Will it stress your budgie? What are the biggest risks? In this article, we’ll look into the act of bringing budgies outside.

Can You Take A Budgie Outside? Yes. Bring a travel carrier or consider the benefits while accounting for the risks of using a budgie harness. Lots of trust and adjustment time is needed for a budgie without a cage or harness to return to you or fly home to the cage after flying outdoors. 

What Are The Risks Of Taking Budgies Outside?

Your budgie would enjoy the fresh air and sunlight, but the move outdoors must be carefully planned and the adjustment to spending time outdoors together takes time and lots of trust.

Here some possible risks:

  1. Overheating
  2. Dehydrating
  3. Shivering
  4. Toxic Plants
  5. Fear
  6. Stress
  7. Flight

1. Overheating

Your budgie would prefer temperatures between 70-80°F. The wind should be nonexistent, calm or breezy. Direct sunlight will overheat your budgie. In the wild, these birds tend to congregate near water sources while staying in the shade.

2. Dehydrating

Remember that long sessions outside are detrimental at first. They are even more risky when your budgie is left without enough water. Make sure there is plenty of nourishing and hydrating liquid at their disposal during trips outdoors.

3. Shivering

Your budgie could catch a gust of wind and quickly ruffle up. The ruffling of the feather indicates that your budgie is cold. Ignoring or not noticing could leave your budgie to shiver and possibly suffer greatly.

4. Toxic Plants

If your budgie is able to grab onto leaves or branches, he or she may nibble on them. Some leaves are toxic and dangerous. It’s best to keep your budgie away from unknown plants.

5. Fear

The instinct to feel aware and the blood of your budgie beginning to rush with fear is common during the first few sessions of going outside. They need to relax and realize that this is fun.

You can start by covering 3/4 of the cage and expose only one side to the outdoors. Remove the towel slowly until you notice your budgie acting more calm.

6. Stress

Any type of feeling that raises the heartrate of your bird that doesn’t involve playful exercise is usually attributed to stress. Your budgie is not ready for this yet.

The stress can make things worse. Start slowly. Bring your budgie’s cage close the window or under an enclosed outdoor space like a porch or patio.

7. Flight

Our biggest fear is that our budgies will fly away. The best thing to do with bring a travel carrier. You can try a budgie harness or vest that secures your budgie from flying away, but never leave them unattended with it. A choking hazard like a harness should be used with care.

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Should I Get A Budgie Harness?

Some people believe the risks outweigh the benefits of using a budgie harness or body vest. You will find them online or in bird shops.

Make sure you get one specifically for budgies. Introduce the harness with praise and treats. Let your budgie inspect it. Don’t put it on your budgie right away.

In time, you can get your budgie to trust the harness with positive memories of being rewarded with treats and praise when it’s worn. There are many training videos about this and care must be taken when harness training your budgie because it is a choking hazard or they may not like it.

  • Always watch your harnessed budgie.
  • Keep your budgie away from anything that can move towards him or her. 
  • Don’t attach the harness to a perch.
  • Start with 5-10 minute sessions only.
  • Take breaks with food and water. 

Do I Need A Travel Carrier For My Budgie?

If you can easily carry the main cage for your budgie outdoors then you can avoid the travel carrier. Make sure this carrier is big enough to place some food and water inside while allowing the space for your budgie to spread its wings.

Keep the door of the travel cage secure with a lock or clip. You would be surprised at how well budgies can learn to open their unlocked cage doors.

How Long Can Budgies Be Outside?

Budgies can enjoy outdoor periods with you for 1-2 hours a day. It’s better to start with 2-10 minute sessions at first and observe your budgie’s comfort level.

If they are panting, ruffling feathers, opening their mouths too much or looking stressed, it’s best to go slow or stop. You can always try again later.

You will make the call on how long you can stay out with your budgie, but please don’t leave your companion unattended. 2 hours is plenty of time, but some days at 10 minutes is nourishing and comforting for an adjusted budgie that may look forward to outdoor time.

Do Budgies Come Back If They Fly Away?

It’s going to be a challenge to get your budgie to return to you. If the entire process was rushed without proper trust building and flight training, then chances are not as good for them to return.

It takes time and lots of assuring feelings from both of you that home is the best place to be once the flight session is over.

Bring the cage to the spot where your budgie flew away. Hopefully the cage is in clear view and your budgie can see where they want to finish once the flying time is over. Hang the cage if possible. Hopefully your budgie will return to its favourite place.


It’s fun to go outside with your budgie. A travel carrier cage or budgie harness are used to make sure your budgie stays with you. Long hours of training builds enough trust with your budgie if carefully and gently directed.

A well trained budgie will know that home is the best place to be and will not wish to fly away. Start slowly with short sessions outdoors and provide plenty of shade and water under warm temperatures.


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