Can You Take A Budgie On Holiday? {Should They Stay Home?}

Do you want to take your budgie on a holiday? Is it better to leave your budgie at home? What are the risks? In this article, we’ll talk about taking a vacation with our budgies.

Can You Take A Budgie On Holiday? Yes, but budgies are sensitive to changes in routines and new environments. Prepare, plan and get your budgie used to the travel carrier cage beforehand. Have supplies ready and make sure you have plenty of time to spend together. 

Can You Travel With A Budgie?

Most people are hesitant to travel with a budgie on long trips. They believe it’s better to leave the budgie in a safe, familiar space at home in their cage. A friend, budgie-sitter or relocating your budgie to another trustworthy location while you enjoy a much needed holiday may be less stressful.

Traveling requires preparation. Make sure the following are taken care of:

  • Pet-friendly bookings
  • Travel carrier cage
  • First-aid kit
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Food and water

Book The Right Room

The hotel or accommodations must be willing to house a budgie for this time. They should be non-smoking rooms with plenty of ventilation. Use a “Do Not Disturb” sign if you’re stepping out without your budgie. No unfamiliar people should come in and stress your budgie out.

Travel Carrier Cages

The travel carrier cage is going to be necessary if you can’t fit their main cage in the car, train or bus. The portable cage must be one that your budgie has already tested out at home. They may have eaten from there, played, rested and enjoyed the space before the trip begins.

First-Aid Kit

A first-aid kit contains all the necessary items to take care of unforeseen circumstances. Include the name and phone number of your budgie’s avian vet for anyone to notice in case you are not there during an emergency.

Cleaning Supplies

Just like at home, the cage will get dirty fast if you aren’t on top of it. Bring plenty of liner, disinfectant wipes and a cleaning brush with you.

Food & Water

The food you provide should be the same as home. Too many new foods during this time will add to the massive amounts of environmental changes that are already occurring. Keep the feeding routines similar to home.

Do I Need A Travel Routine With My Budgie?

We highly recommend that sticking to any routines previously established at home if possible. Feedings, play, sleep, hygiene and exercise could all happen at the same times if you are moving around together.

The younger the budgie, the more it needs to depend on a routine to reduce stress. An older budgie is more adaptable and able to deal with changes as long as their favourite human is with them.

Start a routine where you both leave the house together for short periods of time before the trip takes place. The day trips or short stints at the park together will create a new routine that makes the holiday easier to adjust to.

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Will My Budgie Get Nauseous During Travel?

Travel is motion. Motion sickness is common. Budgies may feel it too. A sailor adapts to life on a boat. A bus driver gets used to long drives. We have to get our budgies used to moving around.

This is why the travel carrier cage must be put into use before the holiday. Start taking short trips around the neighbourhood to get your budgie used to movement in a cage. We want to reduce any chance of vomiting, runny droppings or weakening our budgies’ immune systems. Covering the cage also helps reduce nausea.

What Are Some Budgie Travel Tips?

Keep these tips in mind when traveling with your budgie:

  • Don’t overfeed before the trip.
  • Bring plenty of water.
  • Teach your budgie to drink from a bottle.
  • Don’t change the food.
  • Keep a pristine cage.
  • Minimize the changes to the routine.
  • Cover the cage often.
  • Clip the wings (optional).

Food & Water

The food beforehand could be fortified with enhance vitamins and minerals to promote a stronger immune system. Once the trip starts, keep the foods the same with occasional fruits for added hydration.

The water needs to be on hand. Your budgie will dehydrate quickly on a trip. Teach your budgie at home the process of gently drinking from a water bottle. This may end up being your only choice in sticky situations.

Cages and Changes

The cage is going to get dirtier than usual. There are unknown pollutants in the air that we don’t notice. The environment is unusual and not as clean as our homes. Prevent bacteria and debris from building up in the cage. Make sure droppings do not get into the dishes while moving around.

The routines shouldn’t have to change that much. Feedings, playtime, rest periods and 12 hours of lights out can still be followed to the best of your abilities. Covering the cage will help to calm your budgie and prevent nausea.

Clipped Wings

Clipping the wings before you travel will help keep your budgie close to you. They will not have the ability to fly high or accurately out of windows and doors. We tend to get a little loose on holidays and we may not be as perfect as we are at home. Clipping the wings is your decision to make.

Can I Leave My Budgie For A Month?

A budgie bonds with their favourite human. They will miss you dearly. Someone needs to care for them. Leaving your budgies at home is safer than traveling with them. A budgie can be left alone for a day or two, but they will notice and feel some stress from loneliness.

Make sure someone is coming over to take care of your budgie. Cleaning, feeding and making sure there are no urgent problems that require medical attention are all essential. Your other choice is to leave your budgie with a friend, relative or a professional boarding service.


Your budgie can travel with you, but these little birds are more sensitive than larger species who are hardier and more willing to take longer trips. Train your budgie with the travel carrier cage and take short trips around the house before you prepare all the necessary supplies for the holiday ahead.


Enjoy your trip and see you again soon for another article on budgies. Thanks for stopping by at and say hi to your budgie for us!