Can A Budgie Have A Stroke? {What Should I Do?}

Did you just see your budgie having a stroke? Quickly seek medical help now. This article is here to help, but your avian vet will need to see your budgie right away if possible.

In this article, we’ll discover how and why a budgie can have a stroke.

Can A Budgie Have A Stroke? Sadly yes. A budgie can suffer from a stroke that may hinder its overall quality of life. You can step in to decrease the severity of the stroke with careful measures and medical assistance. 

What Happens When A Budgie Has A Stroke?

A stroke can happen out of nowhere. A budgie older than 5 years is far more susceptible. The following effects occur after a budgie has a stroke;

  • Unable to use legs
  • A limp in one leg
  • Unable to use a wing
  • Unable to fly
  • Partially blind
  • Difficulty opening its beak

Your budgie can survive and adapt to life after a stroke. It is not the end of the world for this bird. It’s a natural threat to all birds, but we can help keep the damage to a minimum with medical help.

How Do I Know If My Budgie Is Having A Stroke?

The following signs indicate that something is very wrong. Your budgie is most likely having a stroke or at the very least, is demanding medical attention.

  • Fallen of its perch suddenly
  • Screaming noise during the fall
  • A seizure
  • Flying into the wall of the cage
  • Paralysis on one side
  • Partial blindness
  • Confused behavior

The sooner you react to any of these indicators, the more you can minimize the damage a stroke can cause your budgie.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Stroke In A Budgie?

Your budgie may have just experienced something we don’t wish on anyone or any creature. You may have just seen or noticed these symptoms below.

Your budgie is:

  • lying on the bottom of the cage
  • motionless
  • disoriented
  • unable to balance himself
  • losing control of bowels
  • making odd sounds

Once you see these signs, you know something bad is happening. Limit the severity by seeking help now. The avian vet will make the final decision on how to medicate, change the diet or alter the environmental conditions to keep your budgie comfortable from here on out.

Can My Budgie Get Heat Stroke?

Yes. Your budgie could have suffered from a heat stroke after a very humid or scorching hot day. An obese parakeet or budgie will undergo more stress from a heat stroke. Look to see if your budgie is showing these signs:

  • difficulty balancing
  • holding wings out
  • not eating
  • making slow noises

Relocate your budgie immediately to a cooler spot. If the air conditioning is not working or unavailable, seek refuge in a car, shop or neighbour’s residence if possible until your budgie recovers.

Apply a cool mist of water that is not too cold. Go to the vet if you don’t see improvement over the course of the afternoon.

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What Should I Do If My Budgie Has A Stroke?

You will need to visit a vet soon. In the meantime, try to keep calm and alter the settings of your budgie’s environment. You budgie may only be disoriented for now or unbalanced. Try the following:

  • place a towel at the bottom of the cage
  • remove the perches
  • no water bowls
  • add heat 
  • cover the cage

The apoplexy or stroke could be happening as you read these words. Keep going.


The towel is soft and prevents the hard floor of the cage from hurting your budgie. You can use a T-shirt instead if you don’t want your budgie’s feet getting tangled in the towel’s creases.


The perches are only in the way now. Lower them or remove them.

Water bowls

The water bowl could cause your budgie to fall in and drown. Remove them for now. It is not important to encourage drinking water right now. If you can, use a dropper instead.


Use a heating pad or fill a sock with rice and microwave it. The heat near your budgie will help to keep it warm while its unable to regulate its temperature.


The cage should be covered with a blanket to keep your budgie calm and encourage him or her to rest on the way to the vet.

It’s time to slowly and carefully go to the vet. Keep calm and continue doing your best.

How Do I Feed My Budgie After A Stroke?

Your first move is to go to the avian vet. Once there, the vet will recommend how to feed your budgie in the coming days. Emergency feedings will happen at the clinic.

You will be able to feed your budgies soaked or sprouted seeds at home by hand. Hopefully your budgie can lift his or her head to receive the food or else you will have to assist there too.

Your budgie is weak right now, but rest assured that improvements will follow, even if full recovery doesn’t happen.

How Do I Get My Budgie To Drink Water After A Stroke?

The best news is that your budgie will be able to resume eating and drinking independently over time. At first, you will need to use an eye dropper.

Drop water into the beak. Let it drop in. Do not try to aim for the water to drop down the throat. A lung infection resulting in pneumonia could occur when your budgie inhales the water dropped down the throat. The water stays in the beak under the tongue and slowly makes it way down instead.


It’s a sad day when anyone has to witness their budgie going through a stroke. You are the first responder and the leader. You can help to make your budgie more comfortable on the way to the avian vet.

You will also be there to help your budgie adapt to life after the stroke. Hopefully the recovery will allow for enough independence and joy for life to continue until nature runs its full course.


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