Are Budgies Scared Of Thunder? {6 Essential Tips To Calm Your Budgie}

Boom! Bang! Crash! Rumble! Do think these sudden sounds and vibrations will scare your budgie?

Could it be so shocking that they drop dead? In this article, let’s find out how to help if our budgies are scared of thunder.

Are Budgies Scared Of Thunder?

Yes. These sounds send powerful vibrations that are unpredictable and sudden. A budgie will try to hide, get stressed or possibly become ill from the shock of prolonged thunderstorms. The good news is that you can help.

What Happens To A Budgie During A Thunderstorm?

You may notice that your budgie becomes stressed when there are sudden crashes, jolts or banging noises. We try to keep calm and prevent sudden or loud noises from disturbing our budgies, but can we prevent thunder? Of course not.

You budgie may:

  • shake
  • hide
  • try to fly away
  • start panting
  • pluck feathers
  • crash into walls
  • get ill

With each symptom of fear listed above, the response gradually worsens with each strike of thrashing thunder. You have to intervene by doing your best to calm your budgie during this time.

How Can I Calm My Budgie During A Thunderstorm?

We hope that your budgie settles into your home and becomes more resilient to sudden noises like vacuum cleaners and blenders. They adapt and get used to some sounds, but thunder is the mother of them all.

Without a flock to nestle with or the ability to fly away, this budgie needs you the most right now. The following 6 tips help keep a budgie calm through thunderstorms:

  1. Stay away from windows.
  2. Hide.
  3. Lead by example.
  4. Music or soothing sounds
  5. Supplements that calm the nerves
  6. Praise your budgie.

1. Stay Away From Windows

Glass can rattle or shake. Your budgie has an acute sense of barometric pressure changes and hears low frequency sounds. Keep them away from areas where the thunder is heard the strongest. Stay inside, move somewhere less noisy together and wait it out if possible.

2. Hide

You can cover the cage fully or partially. Your budgie can choose to hide in a more covered area and lean out a bit to see if you’re doing ok during this time. They care about you too.

If you have ever thought of introducing a large toy or pillow for your budgie to enjoy, then you can place this large obstruction in their way. They can hide behind this familiar and safe pillow or toy that they are used to playing with or perching on.

3. Lead By Example

We have to set the tone in the house. If we are not calm ourselves, how can we expect our budgies to be calmer than us? Our anxieties and fears exuberate through us in ways we cannot see. Your budgie seeks to bond with you and the closer you’re connected, the most in tune the both of you are to sudden behavioural changes.

Be soft, soothing, slow, confident and assuring. “Nothing is wrong. Don’t worry. It’s ok. Everything is fine.”

4. Music or Soothing Sounds

White noise, soothing music or a relaxing TV show may help to distract both of you from the sounds and vibrations outside. The radio, classical music, piano jazz or the sound of your voice gently and calmly reading a book aloud for your budgie to enjoy are all helpful.

5. Supplements That Calm The Nerves

Your budgie’s avian vet should also approve of anything you wish to try offering your budgie. Tranquility blends or rescue remedies may contain valerian or chamomile which are both safe for birds.

Add a drop to the water dish or mix it with water and drop the mixture into the front of your budgie’s beak. Let the liquid slowly makes it way down your budgie’s throat to make sure they don’t inhale the liquid into their lungs.

6. Praise Your Budgie

Positive reinforcement is not just for dogs. Your budgie will be rewarded for being such a good bird. If your budgie hasn’t reacted yet, give a treat, gently make contact or say the nicest things about awesome he or she is.

You can’t punish a budgie when they are being bad or stressed. They won’t learn from it. They will only learn to be more fearful of you or the situation. Reward your calm budgie before the storm gets worse.

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Why Are Budgies Scared Of Thunder?

Budgies are able to hear these rumbling sounds from afar. They are adept to hearing low frequency vibrations. You may notice your budgie fidgeting before the first strike of thunder or lightning even occurs. The flash of light will also scare your budgei.

Anything that is loud or sudden is perceived as a threat. The pattering of heavy rainfall becomes uncomfortable for some of the more sensitive budgies. No two budgies should be alike. We can continue to:

  • assure them
  • calm them
  • teach them
  • distract them
  • positively reinforce them

We must never give up or assume that our budgies will always remain fearful of thunder. We can work on it with our companions. With time, effort, patience and diligence, we may notice improvements.

What Do Wild Budgies Do During Thunderstorms?

Budgies flock together. They learn that their strength is in their numbers. They will sense the barometric pressure changes or hear the low frequency sounds of thunder from far away. This gives them enough time to join forces and seek out a hiding place to wait out the storm.

Densely packed trees in higher branches is where you’ll find wild budgies who are patiently nestled together until the thunder subsides. In the meantime, they could be fortunate enough to forage on tiny insects on branches who are also trying to hide from the storm.


A thunderstorm is a blessing in disguise. It’s a time for the both of you to bond closer than ever before. Your budgie will learn to lean on you metaphorically or even physically next to you during stressful moments like this.

You can be soothing, assuring and placing enough care to make sure the environment indoors is as safe and comfortable as it can be while the storm rages on.


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