When Can You Take A Budgie Out Of Its Cage? {How To Get A Budgie Out and Back In}

Do you want to take your budgie out of the cage more often? Is it safe to let budgies out? In this article, we’ll open up this topic like a cage door to find out when to let your budgie out.

When Can You Take A Budgie Out Of Its Cage? Once your budgie is fully weaned in about 6-8 weeks, it’s safe to bring it out of the cage. Prepare the house to make sure it’s “budgie-safe” and start slowly. Anywhere from 15-30 minutes a day up to 2-3 hours are common amounts of time for budgies to be out of their cages. 

Is It OK To Let My Budgies Out Of The Cage?

Birds wish to fly, but a budgie could also be apprehensive about leaving the cage for the first time. They have learned to trust their home and anything outside of it is still scary. The reasons why a budgie should be let out of the cage are as follows:

  • Exercise
  • Prevent obesity
  • Stretch out
  • Stimulation
  • Bonding time with you

A healthy budgie needs time to stretch and exercise to prevent obesity, illness and depression from inactivity. This is a social bird who wants to interact with you while remaining curious about the spaces around the cage. They must trust that there are no threats and we must make sure the area is safe from harm.

How Do You Get Your Budgie Out Of The Cage?

It could be stressful for a budgie to leave their comfort zone. An older budgie that has remained in a cage for long periods of time will be more hesitant to trust the outside world. A young budgie who has just completed weaning may be more curious and fearless about the unknown world outside of the cage.

Follow these tips to help your budgie out of the cage:

  • Clipping feathers
  • Budgie proofing
  • Keep the surroundings the same.
  • Tame your budgie.
  • Open the cage door.
  • Leave familiar toys just outside the door.
  • Set up a perch that leads out of the cage.
  • Get a larger cage.

Clipping feathers

This is usually referred to as clipping wings, but it’s better to say that the tips of their feathers on their wings are being painlessly cut. New feathers will molt and grow out naturally.

Clipping the flight feathers prevents your budgie from flying too high, getting hurt or escaping. The choice is yours to make and is entirely optional.

Budgie Proofing

Make sure the area outside is safe. Follow these measures at first to prevent accidents.

  • Close doors and windows
  • Remove hot items
  • Cover the mirrors
  • Close the curtains
  • Keep other pets away

Familiar Surroundings

If your budgie has gotten used to the environment outside to the cage, it’s best to start life outside in this space. Don’t take your budgie to another room it has never seen before. Stay in the same zone with the same items nearby.

Tame Your Budgie

Taming involves being able to get your budgie to perch on your finger without biting you. They may also learn from your vocal cures to jump on your finger or perch on your shoulder.

Taming takes time and isn’t essential before letting a budgie out. Establishing the cage as their home where the food and water are always kept is more important.

Open The Door With Toys And Perches

The budgie will notice the door open and might feel enticed to come out. An older budgie without experience outside of the cage may not want to come out.

Leave their favourite toys just outside the cage door. You can even set up a perch that leads out of the cage. You can get creative with this entryway without forcing your budgie out.

Larger Cage

A larger cage allows your budgie more room to move around and get used to flying, hopping and jumping. They will enjoy moving further distances and will be feel more inclined to continue this movement in even larger spaces outside of the cage. A restrained budgie in a smaller cage may get used to it and feel more fear to move around.

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How Much Time Should My Budgie Be Let Out?

There may come a time when your relationship with your budgie develops into the strongest bond where managing their outside time won’t matter. The cage door will remain open and your budgie will decide how much time to spend outside of it.

Until then, let’s start with 15 minute intervals. If you can get your budgie to perch on your finger, let it out and see what happens. Don’t direct your budgie to force it to stay out. They will go back inside as they please.

Try to leave the cage door open for an hour. If your budgie doesn’t come out on its own, close the door and try again later. Remember to encourage their exit with food, toys, perches or play areas just outside of the cage. At this point you budgie may come out for 2-3 hours a day.

How Do I Put My Budgie Back In The Cage?

Your budgie will hopefully be tired enough to return home on its home for food, water or rest. Forcing him or her back in will create a feeling of punishment and negative association with the cage. They should love going back into their homes.

Some budgies go home following a vocal cue. Practice saying, “Go home” when you budgie is already set do so. When they make it into their cage, quickly praise them and offer a treat.

When Should I Let My New Budgie Out Of The Cage?

If your budgie is already mature or at least weaned, then we hope that they would like to exit the cage after the first 2-3 weeks of adjusting in your home. A mature budgie is about 8-10 months old and a fully weaned budgie is around 6-8 weeks old.

Younger budgies would like to venture out with less fear. An older budgie could be more apprehensive and may need another week or two to settle in. Don’t grab the budgie. Simply keep the door open and entice with praises, treats, toys and perches located just outside of the cage.

Should I Let My Untamed Budgie Out?

If your untamed budgie has its feathers clipped, then the chances of escape are very low. It’s your job to make sure there isn’t anything to cause harm. Close the doors and windows and cover the glass or mirrors so your untamed budgie will not fly into them.

Even an untamed budgie will get hungry, thirsty or tired. They need to see their cage in plain view and return to it eventually. Continue to work on taming your budgie during this time and build trust without confining it to the cage.

My Budgie Is Not Coming Back, What Should I Do?

Wait. Don’t go around chasing after your budgie. Make sure the cage is in plain view. If you have to move the cage because your budgie is in another room, then bring it over there.

Your budgie will get tired or hungry and the cage should be the only place where food and water are available. Use gentle and soothing noises when calling for your budgie. Praise your budgie well after they return home to the cage.


It’s healthy and natural for your budgie to enjoy life outside of the cage. Keep the surrounding space clean and safe for your budgie’s overall health and well-being.

2-3 weeks after settling into your home is enough time to begin opening the cage door more often. There is no need to rush or force your budgie to do anything. In time, the routine of spending 2-3 hours a day outside of the cage will become normal.


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